MyPocketHealth @ Timmins/NORrad


As of May 29 2018 the Timmins and District Hospital, and its NORrad Partner sites, will be offering an online platform for patients to access their Diagnostic Imaging studies and reports through a partnership with PocketHealth

Once enrolled, patients will have full control to view and share their imaging records. 

How does it work?

  1. Patients have the option to enroll themselves ONLINE at or by submitting a Paper Enrollment form to the PACS Film Library Clerk.

  2. Once enrolled, the patient receives an access email with a secure link to their entire NORrad Imaging history.

From their PocketHealth account patients can:

  • View their Imaging Records (imaging + reports).

  • Download their original DICOM imaging.

  • Share their imaging records with any healthcare professional’s email address.

  • Burn a CD/USB with a diagnostic viewer for their physician.

  • Electronically request records from other imaging clinics and hospitals across Ontario.

Technical Issues:

Patient’s experiencing technical Issues should contact PocketHealth Support:

What does the patient side of the platform look like?

Will we still be able to burn CD? 

  • Yes.  CD burning will still be an option for patients.  PocketHealth is an alternative solution.

How are patient records protected?

With respect to privacy, the PocketHealth sign up (electronic and paper copy) requires that the patient absolve the participating Hospitals of any liability with respect to the data release.  This is no different than us handing over a CD to the patient with all of their imaging data.  Once in their possession, it is their responsibility to keep it secure.  PocketHealth is simply a way for patients to access their imaging data (like a CD) in a “cloud”.