Parking & Patient Drop-off

Patient Drop Off

Clients are permitted to pick up and drop off clients/patients at the front entrance of the Hospital. Drivers must remain in view of their vehicle.

Parking Information

Parking lots are available for clients in the front and rear of the Hospital. Fees are as posted.

Parking at TADH

A gated parking control system is currently in place; parking locations for the public have not changed.  Please refer to our PARKING LOT MAP  for locations and uses.

Entry and exit to all public parking areas will occur through the gated system as follows:

  1. Approach the entry gate and take a ticket from the parking gate machine.
  2. The gate will rise allowing you to enter the parking lot.
  3. Park your vehicle.
  4. Take your ticket with you to go into the Hospital.
  5. Before leaving the Hospital, take your ticket to the parking pay station inside the Hospital (please see map for pay station locations) and complete the steps to pay for your parking fees.
  6. Parking fees will be a maximum of $6 per day or $56 monthly pass --- payment can be made by cash, debit or credit card at the parking pay station inside the Hospital.
  7. Retrieve your paid ticket from the parking pay station and return to your vehicle with your paid ticket.
  8. From the time you retrieve your ticket, you will have 20 minutes to leave the parking lot without additional charges.
  9. Approach the exit gate and insert your paid ticket into the parking gate machine.
  10. The gate will rise allowing you to exit the parking lot.

If you forget to pay for your parking inside the Hospital, the parking gate machine can be used to make your parking fee payment. If you are paying at the parking gate machine, you must pay with a credit card. Paying at the parking gate machine may hold up other vehicles waiting to exit the parking lot.

Please send any inquiries to or by calling (705) 267-2131 ext. 2001, 2005.