Strategic Dimensions

The Timmins and District Hospital is pleased to present its Strategic Plan for 2022-2027. Strategic plans act as a roadmap, detailing the vision for our future and how we plan on achieving our goals. 

The 2022-2027 Strategic Plan has been informed by over a thousand voices - patients, families, our staff and physicians and healthcare and community partners. Throughout this process we were inspired by the amazing stories, perspectives and experiences of the diverse individuals in the communities we serve. We heard stories of resilience, compassion and collaboration. These themes and stories are what has helped us shape our plan for the next five years. 

We look forward to working together to accomplish the goals we have set out for organization. By 2027 the Timmins and District Hospital will:

  • Improve the experience of our patients;
  • Improve the experience and wellbeing of health providers;
  • Improve population health;
  • Sustain the financial health of our hospital; and
  • Focus on equity and social accountability 

Strategic Goals

Our strategic goals were formed from each strategic dimension.

Strategic Dimensions

Strategic Goals

 We will improve the experience of our patients  

  • We will help lead the implementation of the Équipe Santé Ontario Cochrane District Health Team.
  • We will place the patient voice at the centre of all program design, delivery and review.
  • We will lead and implement key projects aimed at improving patient safety, quality of care and reducing service wait times.

We will improve the experience and 
wellbeing of our service providers

  • We will lead the facilitation of the retention and recruitment of health human resources (HHR) for the North. 
  • We will create a culture of support and wellness within our hospital and across the district. 
  • We will amplify the voices of our staff and our physicians.

We will improve population health

  • We will work collaboratively with our partners to develop and implement innovative ways to improve health and health service delivery in the North.
  • We are going to enhance our ability to provide equitable, evidence-based and quality patient care. 
  • We will take a proactive approach and connect with our community, district and leadership to pinpoint the most prevalent population health issues. 

We will sustain the financial health of 
our hospital

  • We are going to be leaders in defining what it means to be an Ontario Health Team in the Cochrane District.
  • We are going to invest and advocate for the investment of provincial health spending in the North. 

We will focus on equity and
social accountability 

  • We will advance social accountability, be leaders for change and amplify the voices of the marginalized in our community. 
  • We will embed equity, diversity and inclusion into all of the work we do and provide opportunities for growth and learning for our teams and partners. 

Strategic Plan

Learn more about our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan.