CEO Corner

June 2021

It has been another extraordinary year for-many, including all of us here at Timmins and District Hospital. 
As I complete my first full year with the hospital and living in here in Timmins, I would like to take a few moments today to share my reflections from this past year. Specifically, to share why I am so proud of our hospital, our staff, physicians, community partners and really all the people who live across the Cochrane District and this part of the North!
I joined this hospital and community, only 10 ½ months ago. During my first few months with the hospital, I wanted to meet as many people as possible.  I wanted to listen and learn… I met with staff, physicians, community partners, and residents, really anyone and everyone who would share their time with me. This is what I heard and learned.
You told me that…
· Our hospital provides good care, staff are skilled and experienced
· We have pride in work of colleagues, the quality of care provided, our COVID response & our community support
· We have a family atmosphere, and a collaborative approach
· We also have strong partnerships, especially in Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratory
You also shared the challenges…
· Our fiscal challenges 
· Our lean management team
· Lack of accountability, transparency, reporting and communication
· Our Information technology equipment, network, software outdated - Digital transformation is a must!
· And the physical building is tired looking, needs a paint job, and impacts the confidence in our services
And I also heard what you expect…
· Quality care close to home
· Fiscal Accountability
· And Leadership - visible, active leadership at all levels.
Despite the challenges that we’ve faced through the past year, we continue to move forward and set our new strategic priorities through the development of the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan. As we look to the future, the past year has taught us to be prepared, to be adaptable and be able to quickly respond to an ever changing reality. We look forward to advancing our strategic initiatives, building on the strong partnerships and continuing to build operational and financial stability. Below are some of the highlights outlined in the 2020-2021 Annual Report:
· Optimizing Care:
o Successful implementation of a 30-bed off-site hospital facility at St. Mary’s Gardens. This facility allows our hospital to maintain acute care capacity while providing clinical to Alternate Level of Care (ALC) patients awaiting placement in long-term care. 
o TADH surpassed projected target of 169 surgical procedures in 2020-2021, completing a total of 184 joint replacements, including 58 hip and 126 knee replacements.
· Maximizing the Potential of our People:
o Provided San’yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training to 50 frontline staff, including Emergency Department nurses and crisis workers.
o Supported 266 post-secondary student placements and, in partnership with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, supported placements for seven medical students and ten family medicine learners. 
· Achieving Financial Stability:
o Through achievement of 150 per cent of targeted efficiencies outlined within the Optimization Review, identified over $3.5M in savings.
o As a result of strong leadership, our hospital realized a significant change in financial position with the addition of $5.5M in annual ongoing base funding and $19.3M one-time funding enabling the return to financial stability. 
· Harness & Advance Technological Enablers:
o Implemented the Emergency Department Electronic Whiteboard project. This project allows for accurate reporting of projected Emergency Department Wait Times, enhances patient privacy and helps reduce patient wait times. 
In closing, I would like to express my sincere appreciation:
· Thank you to our community for your commitment to staying safe, wearing a mask, washing your hands and social distancing. 
· Thank you for your ongoing patience, kindness and understanding. 
· Thank you to the leadership of our City, Porcupine Health Unit and community partners who have continued the tireless work of keeping our community safe and supported throughout this pandemic. 
· Thank you to our Board of Directors, the TADH Board and our Auxillary and all our volunteers who share their time to ensure our organization continues to meet the needs of our community and residents. 
· And, most importantly, thank you to our front line staff, physicians, support staff, management team. 
Together we have made a significant difference for all our loved ones in communities from across the district.
This year we once again join together as northerners to support each other, to care for each other, to change lives and create a better healthier future for our children and grandchildren.
We are the North, we are Strong, we are Resilient. 
Merci, Meegwetch, and Thank You


Vision: Exemplary Care to Northerners

Mission: Working together with our partners to improve the health of Northerners.