TADH Declares Influenza A Outbreak on Medical B

The Timmins and District Hospital is declaring an outbreak of Influenza A on the Medical B unit. We continue to work closely with the Porcupine Health Unit to ensure the continued safety of our patients, staff and physicians.

Visitation on Medical B has been restricted to Designated Care Partners (DCPs) only until further notice. Under our enhanced guidance, masking is required at all times within the hospital.

Our community is seeing an increase of respiratory virus transmission, including Influenza A. We encourage you to consider getting your annual flu shot if you haven’t already. You can book your vaccine online here: https://reservation.frontdesksuite.ca/porcupinehu/flu/Home/Index?pageid=883bf3bd-1bc4-4f4a-926b-fcdaaa674ea2&culture=en&uiculture=en through the Porcupine Health Unit.