A scenery photo of Timmins

Top Ten Reasons to Move to Timmins

1. Employment

1000's of available jobs including apprenticeships, youth internships, mining, forestry, retail, telecommunications, and business opportunities etc.

2. Money

Live within your means! With a salary equivalent to those found in Southern Ontario, you could increase your disposable income and be able to experience more of what our region or Canada has to offer.

3. Entertainment

With an extensive and exciting nightlife, from the Symphony, Annual Festivals to Theatre productions, the City of Timmins has a variety of events scheduled throughout the year to fill you entertainment needs.

4. Sports & Recreation

The City of Timmins has several state of the art facilities including the Timmins Regional Athletics and Soccer Complex and a number of fitness centres. There are also several clubs,/organizations that allow both youth and adults the opportunity to participate in various sports including; hockey, soccer, baseball, boxing, curling, cycling, running, etc.

5. Urban Lifestyle

Timmins offers the urban lifestyle of major Canadian metropolitan communities but at half the cost.

6. Diversity

The City of Timmins offers a culturally diverse atmosphere. With a variety of ethnic restaurants, museums, and cultural organizations, the community offers a multicultural experience from a Northern perspective.

7. Shopping

Timmins provides an exceptional shopping experience. Visit Downtown Timmins, the regison' largest shopping centre, the Timmins Square, and several of the unique local shops found throughout the community.

8. Environment

Timmins, where nature meets the City!
Experience the outdoor life at your doorstep. There are hundreds of kilometers of nature, snowmobile, and cross country skiing trails. Experience downhill skiing and tubing at on the most recognized ski resorts in Ontario, Kamiskotia Ski Resort. Within minutes of downtown, there are several hundred lakes, campgrounds, cottages, wilderness, and fresh air that make Timmins a fun and exciting place to reside.

9. Connected

Stay connected with friends and family throughout the county. Timmins has five flights daily to Toronto. Rail, bus service, easy access to major highways and an exceptional telecommunications system, makes staying connected easier and more convenient in Timmins. With all the money you wil be saving on living expenses, traveling becomes second nature.

10. Affordable Cost of Living

Housing costs, rental costs, and overall living expenses are lower in Timmins in comparison to other communities found throughout the province of Ontario.